Started going to yoga yesterday, I made a friend called Poppy but found the rest of it a bit confusing. I then decided I was hungry and cried for the last bit! Will be going again next week though.

Grabbing Toys



I’m 12 weeks old now and have learned how to grab things, I started off grabbing Mum’s hair but I can now grab my toys if I concentrate enough. still eating loads and sleeping well at night (not really sleeping at all in the daytime).

Big bed

IMG   P1010064


I am now sleeping in my big cot in my own room, I’m not sure about it yet, on my first night in there I slept all through the night but on the second day I decided I wanted to stay up until midnight!


DSC_0336   DSC_0364


We had our first family holiday, Went to Dorset on 1st Feb and stayed in a cottage in the country.  I saw ducks and sheep for the first time, went fossil hunting, went for long walks in the country (up hills much to my mums delight!) and went to monkey world…one of the chimps was fascinated by me but I slept for most of the day!