Walking Talking Naughty


I can now stand up for a few seconds if i’m not thinking too much about it and even took a couple of steps the other day when Daddy very sneakily let go of me while I was walking along.  My vocabulary continues to grow each day and now includes “Daisy” (Upsy Daisy or any other Night garden characters!) “No” (complete with head shakes and nods)  and a few other things that I have said once or twice, I’m still working on it.

Chit Chat

DSC_1503 DSC_1510

I now have an extended vocabulary.  Me me (mummy), daddy (sometimes used to comunicate with father), hello Isla (when I’m on the phone), chucka chucka (Chocy) and biddy (not sure what this means).  I’m working on saying cat at the moment.