I’m 2

Roxanne Ripping open presents DSC_2806 Blowing out the candles Blowing out the candles Throwing a party for my friends DSC_2873

I’m now 2 years old. I held a lavish party for my closest friends at my humble abode.  Unfortunately due to the record breaking wet November, I had to cancel the woods venue.

I’m talking more than ever, picking up things at a frightening pace and even impersonating voices when I’m playing.

Today unfortunately  I have picked up a truly dreadful illness.  I managed to position my parents in an awkward position when I projectile vomited all over the Sportsman pub.  My initial thoughts are that I may have contracted a flu virus from my close acquaintance Poppy.  Hopefully I will get over this cursed disease swiftly.


DSC_2446 DSC_2456

I can now count to 10 but I normally miss out 9.  I am also a budding artist, I am a particular fan of felt tips and cutting and sticking although I haven’t worked out yet that once I have stuck down the pictures they are meant to stay there!  My Mum and Dad think I’m a genius, anyway!