Fish born Roman palace

On Thursday the 3rd of September 2015 I went on a school trip to a Roman palace. My favourite thing was the bit when we were all slaves and got to play lots of fun Roman things (I liked the make your own mosaics!) We even got to make wool! There was a little film about the palace at the beginning! It was so FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My holiday at Dorset 2015

I went to Dorset for Joeys birthday he was 2! On our last day we went to the beach to do fossil hunting and I found lots! On Saturday we went to the River cottage canteen. I had hot chocolate yum! We also went to the animal rescue centre there was just farm animals my favourite was the goats.

Toy Museum

On Thursday in the morning i went to a toy museum. There were lots of trains in the toy museum and I got to play with some of them that were in the cupboard. My favourite toy was called Archie the bear.  We did some drawing before we went to sit down for the puppet show which was before we went home.  The puppet show was story from a long, long time ago.

George the bear

This is George the bear, he is very, very, very, very, very old.  He lived a very, very long time ago.